Creating a Digital Marketplace to Showcase Local Businesses

How do we empower customers to shop locally when the entire digital economy is at their fingertips?

Today, small local businesses have to constantly compete for consumers’ attention, especially given the rise of ecommerce platforms, DTC companies, and social media advertising.

That’s the exact challenge Cherie Edilson is tackling with Member Marketplace, Inc, a platform that allows communities to showcase their local businesses and connect those businesses with customers.

An entrepreneur herself, Cherie was led by her experience as a small business owner to find a better way to help customers more easily discover and buy from local businesses online.

On September 26, we’ll be sitting down with Cherie to discuss the challenges facing local entrepreneurs in this cultural and technological moment—and how economic developers and entrepreneur support organizations can meet those unique needs.

Main Host

Jose Alfaro

Chief Executive Officer
Creating a Digital Marketplace to Showcase Local Businesses

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