CO.STARTERS Get Started Workshop

Help aspiring entrepreneurs take the first step.

what is it?

This introductory workshop helps participants explore their ideas and define next steps.

This three-hour workshop makes for a great starting point or recruitment tool for other programs. If you're brand new to building entrepreneurial ecosystems, this is an easy program you can implement quickly to connect entrepreneurs with each other.

what's inside?

Workshop content

The Get Started Workshop is broken down into three sections.

Explore Your Idea

Participants are introduced to the CO.STARTERS Canvas and outline their ideal customer and the problem that customer has.

Refine Your Model

The group covers the concept of customer discovery; participants learn the importance of starting small and brainstorm how they might test their ideas.

Define Next Steps

Each participant leaves with a plan for what they can do in the next hour, day, week, and month to move their venture forward.


Who it's for

CO.STARTERS Get Started Workshop is great for any idea that needs clarity and direction—whether it's an entrepreneur who's early-stage, time-strapped, or just plain stuck.

This workshop will help participants:

Explore and test their idea out to see if they want to pursue it further

Understand the lean startup method and why it's important to start small

Meet other people who have ideas and want to start new things in the community

Get connected with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem

A photograph of two CO.STARTERS Get Started Workshop participants discussing their respective CO.STARTERS Canvases

Don't take our word for it.

"I would absolutely recommend the Get Started Workshop. I think this workshop is a great way for budding entrepreneurs to receive practical tools to kickstart their ideas. Sometimes being in a space with like-minded people is very helpful. The connections I made inspired me to roll up my sleeves and keep working."

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