Jessica Cammack, the founder of The Mack Master Professional OrganizingJessica Cammack, the founder of The Mack Master Professional Organizing
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Jessica Cammack // The Mack Master Professional Organizing

Professional organizer Jessica Cammack, also known as the Mack Master, is combating clutter—both physical and mental—for her clients.

Jessica Cammack is the owner and founder of The Mack Master Professional Organizing, which is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her business is supported by CO.STARTERS partner Create Birmingham.

When you think of professional organizing, what comes to mind?

You probably imagine a group of efficient, untalkative movers in your house, throwing dusty boxes into your attic.

What you probably don’t imagine is a personable, relatable organizer who’s committed to clearing not only the physical clutter but also the mental clutter in your life.

That’s what Jessica Cammack, the founder of The Mack Master Professional Organizing, strives to be for her clients.

Jessica has called herself the Mack Master since 2017, when she was offering free life coaching advice to her friends. At the time, she was a single mom working in insurance claims. She’d been in the field for more than ten years, but didn’t find the job fulfilling. 

In 2018, Jessica was juggling ideas, and trying to hone in on what she might want to do with her career beyond insurance. She’d always been resourceful, and good at finding tools—and one of the tools she found was CO.STARTERS Core. She decided to put herself out there by joining the program to determine what a coaching business might look like for her.

When the pandemic hit, Jessica was still working at the insurance firm, but the job was making her feel like a prisoner in her own home. “I realized I was foregoing my health,” she said. 

So in the fall of 2020, she decided to take time off work to reconnect with God and with herself. Jessica quit her job at the insurance company, and in her time off, discovered professional organizing. She rebranded as “the Mack Master” in October of 2020.

Her goal was to use professional organization to answer the question “Who helps the help?” 

"I have a heart and compassion for the clients I service–I want to clear clutter not only in my life but also in the lives of those I’m graced to serve. I want to help them find purpose, and dream again."

Many of her clients were professionals, church employees, and service workers who spent their days helping others. But what happened when they returned home to a disorganized space? Or when something happened in their personal life, and they needed help picking up the pieces, both materially and emotionally?

The Mack Master Professional Organizing offers holistic organization, including unpacking, clutter control, moving assistance, renovations, home design, and of course, organizing. They’re also adding haul-away services to their repertoire.

Unlike traditional organizing services, though, Jessica wants to offer emotional help to her clients too. She currently offers organizational aid when a loved one passes, and is planning on hiring staff therapists to cater to her clients’ specific emotional needs.

“Events like Coaching with CO.STARTERS have helped me learn specific skills like lead nurturing. They also give me the opportunity to connect with other business owners, encourage each other, and bounce ideas off of each other.”

As her business has grown, Jessica has been able to contract employees to work with her on projects, and barter with other small businesses to exchange for services like social media and website assistance.

And that investment has paid off.

In 2022, The Mack Master organized 26 homes, including 52 bedrooms and 43 master closets; completed 17 virtual DIY organizing resumes and more than 25 coaching sessions; coordinated 13 relocations; serviced clients in five southeastern states; and donated hours of organizing work to families with time constraints, losses, and disabilities.

“I have a heart and compassion for the clients I service–I want to clear clutter not only in my life but also in the lives of those I’m graced to serve. I want to help them find purpose, and dream again,” Jessica said.

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