The Stages of Community Growth

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A funding playbook for ecosystem builders

Download our official guide to sustainably funding entrepreneur support programs and initiatives.

This playbook is for you if:

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You're exhausted from the never ending grant cycle and endless calls with donors

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You already wear several hats in addition to your leadership and fundraising roles

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You frequently have to cut initiatives or walk back on promises due to funding shocks

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Your grant applications and proposals are constantly denied

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You want your organization to have the flexibility it needs to fulfill its purpose

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You're tired of being unable to sustainably fund your organization's work

What's inside the guide?

Key principles for shielding your organization from sudden shocks to your funding pipeline

Advantages and disadvantages of the six most common funding sources for ESOs and ecosystem builders, along with tips for securing funds from each

Tips and best practices for getting more grants and corporate sponsors, complete with templates and sample packets

An iPad displays the page on private foundations from the Funding Playbook for ESOs and Ecosystem Builders

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