Frequently Asked Questions


How does CO.STARTERS work?
Where do you work?
Do you support entrepreneurs directly?
Is CO.STARTERS a program or a company?
What’s your story? How’d you get started?

Becoming a CO.STARTERS Member

What does it mean to become a CO.STARTERS Member?
How do I become a CO.STARTERS Member?
What does it cost to become a CO.STARTERS Member?
How will you prepare my organization to run CO.STARTERS programs?
Do I have to be trained to run CO.STARTERS programs in my community?
What does a Community Training consist of?
Do program facilitators have to be local? Will you provide them or do we?
Why are training and certification required to license programs?

Products & Supports

Do you offer any products other than programs?
Which of your programs would best fit my community?
Are your materials delivered digitally or will we receive physical materials?
Are CO.STARTERS programs self-guided?
Can I offer CO.STARTERS programs virtually?
Are there any products I can use without becoming a member?
Who are your programs for?

Building an Ecosystem

What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem?
Why should I be concerned with building my local ecosystem?
How can CO.STARTERS help me build my local entrepreneurial ecosystem?


I would like CO.STARTERS to come speak at my event.
I’d like to provide my product or service to CO.STARTERS alumni.

Business Help for Entrepreneurs

I’m an entrepreneur. Can you help me with my business?
There isn’t a program available in my community. How can I join a national cohort?